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Michele Knight – KW Agent Success!

Michele Knight obtained her real estate license in December of 2015 when Keller Williams didn’t even have their doors open yet. She joined another agency since they had been open and in town much longer KW. After 5-6 months, Michele called me and let me know that she felt she needed more. She needed proven models, systems and tools that would let her control her business and produce the most profitable business possible. We met a few days later and the rest is history!!

Michele is far from a newbie in real estate! She has learned to follow those proven models we’ve taught her, has implemented various systems and has taken her business to the next level in less than 3 years. She is a member of our ALC (Associate Leadership Council) and is coached by our non-compete leadership team on a regular basis. She shares her knowledge with other agents and has become a transaction coach to newer agents. She loves giving back and knows that the family at KW is a big reason of why the office has succeeded at the level it has. Michele is also the chair of our culture committee and leads the way in many activities and events.

I am so proud of all that Michele has accomplished at KW. Being ranked number 11 in the entire county of Indian River as an agent in the business less than 3 years is something we’re excited to announce. Many agents think KW is for “new” agents…..If that is your belief, maybe its time for you to see what KW has to offer……one thing we’re good at, is building AGENTS businesses. By teaching specific business models in a compensation model that affords agents to manage their business is why we continue to grow. If we helped Michele to #11 in less than 3 years, imagine what we could do for you! Call me direct for more information (772)643-6104