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An easy way Real Estate Agents can make their business bullet proof

Have you wondered how the top producing agents are protecting their business? Well, it’s actually a very simple thing they do…. if you look at your super – duper top producing agents all over the country, you’ll notice something they have in common. They’ve worked very hard at making their business “bullet proof.” It takes some time and energy, however, it is not difficult and when you think about it, it makes great business sense.

When you google, search facebook or just search for a business in general, what do you see? Usually, you see the business name, phone number and email, correct? Now google or facebook various local real estate agents…. what do you see? One, you more than likely had to dig and dig deep to find their email and phone number. Real estate agents often do this because they don’t want to get bombarded with junk email or phone calls of solicitors. Hey, I get it however, what they don’t realize is their customers are having to dig HARD to reach them too. The most important thing an agent can do is get their information out there!! Now do the same thing, this time focusing on who is a top selling agent (don’t forget that just because you see an agents ad or face all over the place doesn’t mean they are a top producer). What did you see this time on the top producers? I would almost have to bet you saw that you can contact them or find their information much easier and you don’t have to go through the brokerage. More than likely, you found they have a private email!! Top agents understand their most prized possession is their identity and their database. Unless they’re in a brokerage with non-compete Brokers or their Independent Contractor Agreement specifically states that they won’t give up their rights to their database, those top producers aren’t messing around.

Top Producers aren’t going to be forced into losing the FOUNDATION of their business by being forced to use a company email address that could be tapped into or shut off without their knowledge. Top Producers know the importance of holding onto their business….and they usually have enough leverage with their brokerage (they make them a boat load of money) that they don’t have to. As an agent, whether you are a beginner or mega agent – make yourself visible (not your agency) and USE YOUR OWN EMAIL! Yes there are many good reasons to use a company email however, you are better off branding yourself so you can always drive your business back to YOU. You earned it!! Happy selling! 

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