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Holy Shift!

Now that I have your attention….. did you know the market is shifting? We’ve compared January 2019’s numbers to January 2018’s numbers and here’s what we know: Closed units in the MLS is down 1.7% and Closed Sales Volume was down 83.%. Here’s the GREAT news – if you’re with Keller Williams of Vero Beach, you have a different story. Closed units for KWVB is UP 21.4%, so that means you’re outpacing the market by 23.1%!! Good for you! If you are with KWVB your closed sales volume is UP 76.1% so once again, you are outpacing your competitors by 84.4%!! 

Now let’s talk listings – the Indian River County MLS is down 1% on listings sold during this same time period….KWVB is UP 68.4%, outpacing by 69.4%! The listings sold volume is down 8.3% for the county, while KW Vero is UP, UP, UP by 45.5%. What does all this MEAN? Well, it means if you are an agent with Keller Williams you are outpacing your competitors at a record pace…and if you are a buyer or seller with KW, you’ve chose the RIGHT COMPANY!!

HOW ARE WE DOING THIS? Well, here’s the amazing part… at KW we stand behind our agents, not in front of them. Our dedicated team is there to help the agents, not compete against them. They want to see the agents succeed because their belief is succeeding through others, not in spite of them. You have to remember, that KW has only been in Vero Beach for just over 3 years. Our training, support and handsome compensation package has created a lot of happy agents here in Indian River County – we’ve actually seen several agencies start to treat their agents better out of the FEAR of losing their agents to us. We’re ok with that… as long as we raise the bar for all agents and force our competitors to train better, compensate better, we’re happy to help ALL agents. In turn, it helps the consumer get what they want….as a customer, you should demand the best – and we’re happy to raise the standard so you get the service you DESERVE.

During a shifting market, the strategies change….if you don’t learn to change with them, there is a good chance you will be out of business before you know it. If you’d  like to learn how to survive and even thrive in a shifting market, call me to attend one of our “Shift” classes.

If you have ever thought of getting into real estate or if you are currently in real estate and want to expand your world so you can start achieving your goals, it’s time we talk. You can reach me at (772)643-6104