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Agents: Beware of the BLOG

Recently agents have caught onto a not so new way to lead generate for buyers and sellers – BLOGGING. What many agents don’t realize is they are often HURTING their business and giving it away by using blogging platforms that are “free” or company provided and they don’t realize there is a big price to pay.

Look at your blogging – when clients go to it, does it have other articles that link from that page? Does it have “agents” at the top of the page? Guess what? Every time you share these blogs, you are lead generating for your COMPANY or OTHER AGENTS. I don’t know about you, I didn’t make it a habit of creating leads for other agents….they don’t pay my bills and I didn’t get paid from my brokerage to write articles so they could give my leads away. Are you? Learn how to control your business by pushing YOUR generated leads back to YOU!! 

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Janelle Laurenzano, Team Leader/Coach/Consultant Keller Williams of Vero Beach, FL